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This is a online shopping site made by Canadians for Canadians. We have set it up to honour all the great Canadian Dads and Fathers and to have an area where all the kids young and old can find their Dads a great birthday, Father's Day, anniversary or Christmas gift on-line in a matter of minutes.

We have carefully chosen top online shopping sites, departments stores and retailers that Canadians already know and trust and you will find most items here in Canadian dollars and if they are south of the border, we have ensured that they will not surprise you with any duty or other charges when you receive your gift at your door.


We have included the standby gifts of ties, shirts, socks and mugs as well as gifts for the fashionista Dad, gadget guy and the Dad who's a great entertainer, host and barbeque chef. We also haven't left out what many Dads would love to get as a Father's Day gift and that would be sportswear, activewear, sports gear and hockey, baseball or basketball fanwear as gifts for him. There are also many gifts forthe electronics buff in t.v.'s, computers, tablets, headphones. speakers and more.

We hope you enjoy this handy gift guide page to help you find that perfect gift for your Dad that can fit most budgets. Don't forget to order early to ensure delivery, and if you've left it late, sometimes the stores on this guide can still get it there, check their delivery times online.

Thanks so much for dropping by and thanks for being a great kid and getting your Dad a gift!

Just in case you’re having trouble thinking of a gift..I’ll share my Top 10 picks for my husband this year

 #1. A Fedora…Oh yeah…and this one might just be for me. I love the way a fedora looks on a man and now that they’re back in style. It’s time for my guy to look like Bond (Sean Connery version). This might be like his Tux , where he doesn’t wear it much...but I guarantee he’ll wear it sometimes, even if we’re not leaving the house 
#2. A Testosterone Movie...He usually wants the louder,the better. You know the kind where you have to straighten all the pictures on the walls after the sub-woofer has finished with it. This is definitely near the top of the list since he’ll tell you that his favorite all –time Christmas movie is that Bruce Willis flick… Die Hard.
#3. Lingerie…What?? Oh yeah…I asked him what he would really like for Fathers Day and that’s what he said. It’s for me to wear but he’ll tell you ...Oh’s definitely a gift for him… 
#4. Steaks for the BBQ…Those kind that come boxed to your home and cut like butter. They come in some kind of a dry-ice box to keep them frozen. I think that “steaks” delivered to a guy is what a dozen red roses is like delivered to a woman…go figure… 
#5. A Fitness wristband ... OK be careful with this one...gotta get one for you too so he knows it's a comment on sharing a health goal or it will probably go in the drawer  
#6. A Travel Kit…He’s got the travel-bag already but he’s sure in need of travel toothpaste, floss, ear swabs, mouthwash and the rest of the tiny necessities. He’ll especially need to keep this emergency kit in his truck in case that “Southern Belle” voice on his GPS gets him lost 200 miles from here.
#7. Golf Balls…He says most of the ones that he got last spring are “swimming” in some golf-pond somewhere.
#8. I’m thinking about getting him a fancy garbage can with a sure-lock-down-system. It’s not very romantic but my husband has a feud with a local raccoon and it always gets our garbage. Maybe if I gave Bill a slight advantage he may win the battle with this bandit.
#9. Car Stuff…Cleaning car wash, a fancy sponge and dryer-cloth, tire-shine etc..etc.. You know when I think of it, guys are really uncomplicated. We think we can’t think of anything to get them but usually if you concentrate on sports, personal care items and their cars they’re thrilled to just replace something that’s worn out or lost from last year.
#10. Last but not least...I’m going to devote most of the day to him. Since it’s a Sunday our teenagers will run off by 2 p.m. (2 hours after they wake up) and spend the day with their friends and that’s O.K. This guy has been our cabbie, comedian, and comfort. I know it’s kind of a cliché that there are a lot of fathers out there but it takes a special someone to be a great ‘Dad’. I truly have to say that he’s one of the best…Thanks Bill

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