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Whether you're an expecting Mom or Dad who needs to find as much information on a pregnancy in books or ereaders or the mother or father of a newborn, baby or toddler who wants to start a bedtime reading time, we have the books and ebooks right here that you can pick out and enjoy soon. Get some guidance with self help on being pregnant or a new Mom or Dad, or find those classic storybooks you used to enjoy as a kid. Learn something new with the great selections in Canada in parenting books.

If you're looking for the pregnancy, parenting bestsellers on the Canadian market or even used books, we have online destinations for that too. There are also discounted store destinations where you can find a great book cheap and always have a book on-the-go as your boy or girl grows.

As for ereaders, we have quite a selection for you to fit most budgets. There are even online parenting magazines here. For most of us Canadians, having a full library of books doesn't make sense from a cost and storage standpoint, however with the new Kindles' Kobos and Sony ereaders you can conveniently download more books than you can fit in your home. Once you have your ereader you realize how quickly you can download books in a minute or two and how convenient your ereader is for travelling, commuting with public transit or just reading while you're enjoying the park with your baby. No more bulky books in backpacks or oversized purses. These wonderful digital inventions can fit conveniently in a large inside pocket of a jacket. But even if you just leave your ereader at home, you'll be able to set aside an area where you can read as many books as you like to your hearts content.

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